Updated version of digital 12-channel electrocardiograph "TELECARD TM"

TREDEX company has started to manufacture an updated version of digital 12-channel electrocardiograph "TELECARD TM", which combines the advantages of various methods of telemetry, designed by the company. 

Development of "Telecard" network in Ukraine goes on


In the beginning of February, 2006 shipping of the set of equipment "Telecard" to regions of Ukraine is resumed. Thus the process of equipping rural and family outpatient departments with the set of urgent transtelephone ECG diagnosis continues. As the result of the project implementation more and more villages and towns of Ukraine obtain access to highly qualified cardiological diagnosis.

Round table of EEG equipment manufacturers within the Ukrainian Antiepileptic League (UAEL)


Within the conference of the Ukrainian Antiepileptic Leaguea round table of the manufacturers of domestic EEG equipment took place. The theme of the meeting - search for ways of cooperation of the manufacturers of medical equipment in order to improve the quality of manufactured electroencephalographs. In the work of the round table participated: Fedorenko L.G. (LLC NPP "DX-systems", Savchuk A.M. (LLC "DX-complexes"), Sergeev V.G. (LLC "KhAI-medika"), Kramarenko A.V., Pavlovich R.V., Pavlyutin L.V. (all – LLC "TREDEX Company").


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