Mobile ECG 'Mosquito'

Device for electrocardiographic signal display on telecommunication devices "Mosquito".

The device is intended for personal use by patients and physicians - internists, cardiologists, functionalists. The main feature of the device is its compact size and low price.

For the first time in the domestic medical practice, every doctor obtained the opportunity to have his/her own pocket digital 12-channel electrocardiograph that is compatible with any phone running Android OS.

"ExpertTM-16 Compact" – radiotelemetric 16-channel electroencephalograph

Оборудование предназначено для записи и дальнейшей обработки электроэнцефалограмм в системе «10-20». Он может принимать ЭЭГ в любых условиях записи. Он не требует заземления, защиты от помех от сети 50 Гц и отсутствия изоляции помещений.
Использование цифровой телеметрии значительно облегчает долгосрочную регистрацию ЭЭГ, включая запись ночного сна, 24-часовой мониторинг и диагностику смерти головного мозга. 



Timely detection of the work of laser police speed gauges (lidars) is a very difficult task for radar detectors. The beam of the laser is narrow, the algorithm of the complex is complicated, and most detectors detect its presence too late, if at all it is detected when the speed of the car is already measured and the car of the future recipient of the "happiness letter" is imprinted in the file along with a note of speeding.

EEG Cap – 16-57

Universal 16-channel EEG-cap with built-in Ag/AgCl electrodes. System10/20. 'POLINA'

The real alternative to traditional methods of EEG- registration is the universal 16-channel elastic EEG-cap with built-in Ag/AgCl electrodes.

The elastic cap outlines the head and provides tight fitting of electrodes.

The cap design is the most convenient for a patient. It doesn’t squeeze the head and doesn’t shift – each electrode is on its place during the long-term EEG-studies.


Complex of radiomonitoring ECG control "RadioHolter"

The equipment is intended for round-the-clock monitoring of ECG over a radio channel in the real time mode. It ensures the recording and displaying on PC monitor cardiograms of two to six patients simultaneously. The set is intended for operation under the conditions when any resuscitation equipment is used, including artificial lung ventilation (AVL) and defibrillators.

Registration of both single-channel and standard 12-channel ECG. If a two-console version is installed, it is possible to radio monitor ECGs of twelve patients over one channel, or six one-channel ECGs and one twelve-channel ECG.


Transtelephone digital 12-channel ECG complex

The equipment is intended for pickup and transmission over any communication channels, in particular, over standard telephone lines, mobile communication lines, radio communication channels of any waveband and telephone channels of the DECT standard. Ensures transmission of 12-channel digital-quality electrocardiogram with duration of 15 s from a peripheral device to a receiving remote diagnostic center (RDC) with subsequent consultation of a specialist in the one telephone call mode.
The complex uses the digital signal transmission over an acoustic channel, which ensures high quality of ECG and makes it possible to professionally diagnose any cardiological diseases (ischemic heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmia of various etiology, etc.).

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